Mouth Guard Sponsorship Program

When playing contact sports a well-fitting mouth guard is crucial to protect your jaw, teeth, lips, cheek and tongue. We recommend laminate sports mouth guards as they are extremely effective in preventing facial and dental injury.

In launching our player sponsorship program for the 2015 season, we are offering to provide professionally fitted, custom-made, laminate sports mouthguards to all school and club team players at significantly reduced costs.

Participating in our Mouth Guard Sponsorship Program is as simple as following the below steps:

  • Contact us on 08 7226 1709 to register your sporting club / school teams
  • Following registration, we will organise a time to meet your team(s) and take impressions for all players wanting Mouth Guards
  • We will send the impressions to our dental laboratory, where our technician will fabricate your custom made mouth guards
  • We will organise another time with your team(s) to professionally check and fit the mouthguards

We actively support a wide range of local sporting clubs through our Mouth Guard sponsorship program including:

  • Robe Football Club
  • Cougars Football Club

All GuS mouth guards are custom made in a local dental laboratory so they fit your mouth perfectly, providing you the greatest level of comfort and protection. Our professional trained dental staff have police clearances and all relevant equipment required to work in both metropolitan and regional club environments.

For further information on our Mouth Guard Sponsorship Program, contact us on 08 7226 1709.


The perfect time for a custom fitted Mouthguard

With the new winter sports season now upon us, it is the ideal time to come and see us for your very own custom fitted mouthguard.

Mouthguards provide the greatest possible protection for your teeth and lips when playing contact or non-contact sports and can also prevent or reduce the impact of injuries to other parts of your head and jaw.

No matter what your age, custom made mouthguards from your dentist will provide the best possible protection with superior fit and comfort and the strength of the materials used. We can provide both singled and dual laminate mouthguards for increased protection.

For more information on the benefits of mouth guards, click here to visit the Australian Dental Associations 'Mouthguard Awareness' website