Factsheet - your child’s first visit to the dentist

The first dental visit will be a new experience, so do not worry if your child is not keen to participate.

Our kind and professional dental staff are trained to make your child feel comfortable.

This factsheet is one of a collection developed by Grow Up Smiling (GuS)

When should I take my child?

It’s best to take your child for their first dental visit soon after their first birthday. A dental check-up at this early age will:

  • allow your child to become familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of the dentist
  • allow early detection of tooth decay and other dental conditions
  • enable dental staff to give advice and instruction on tooth brushing and dietary habits. 

How can I help prepare my child?

  • Allow your child to visit the dentist with you or with older siblings.
  • Do not use words such as drill and needle. The dentist will use special words to explain things.
  • Talk about the good things about visiting the dentist, such as counting teeth and learning how to care for them.
  • Make the dental appointment an accepted part of a regular routine, not a special event.
  • Arrange for the appointment to be in the morning if tiredness is a potential problem.
  • Arrive a little early so your child can become familiar with the new surroundings.

Is there anything else I need to do?

  • Inform the dental staff of any medical condition or past incident which may affect your child's behaviour and ability to cope. This will allow the dental team to adjust their approach.
  • Accompany your child to the dentist.
  • Be a passive observer, to enable dental staff to capture and hold your child's complete attention. 

Where can I take my child for a dental check-up?

We offer two alternatives - either visit your local GuS partner clinic, or have your school register to the program and we can see your child in the confines of their school.

For further information please refer to the ‘booking your appointment’ tab on the left of the screen.